Zendubind specializes in binding books in genuine and/or Artificial leather.

We bind the following books namely:
• Law Books
• Bibles
• Contract Documents
• Dissertations
• Journals
• Reservation Books
• Minutes of Meetings
• Government Gazettes
• Wedding Albums
• Blank Scrapbooks
• Protocol Documents

We also do foiling of Company names and logos on Diaries, or any other personalization.

We also rebind old books, or books falling apart:
• Bibles
• Recipe books
• Storybooks
• Dictionaries
• Law Books
• Diaries

Less expensive books like invoice books etc can be done in a cheapbind meathod. We visit Johannesburg and Pretoria once a week to collect and deliver books. Other regions in the country are also visited during the course of the year.

All our Half Calf Books comes out with a 30 year guarantee.