Zendubind is so convinced about the quality of our work that we have submitted our work for tests by the SABS.

Every bookbinding company has its own way of binding and certain secrets that they apply. Given the successful tests done by the SABS, I doubt if it would be wise to give away any secrets, except to say that we do glue binding. The glue that we use is strong and flexible and the best on the market. Our firm has been using this glue for many years and our success is partially based on this.

The origin of the genuine leather that we use is Oasis Tanning in Krugersdorp. We only use the highest quality leather to bind the books our clients entrust us with.

Our binding method is unique and exclusive in that books bound by us are bound by hand. We will gladly show you the tell-tale signs that indicate whether a book was bound by hand.